Advantages of Unity 3D Game Development

 Advantages of Unity 3D Game Development

“Game development is even more of a team effort than making a movie, so for individuals to get credit for making a game is insane” quoted a prominent game artist. 

In the past years, the game development industry has received tremendous support, and even users have bought in distinct changes. The gaming market has today started to generate revenue in billions of dollars. Especially in the year 2020, when everything had come to a halt, the gaming industry made speedy progress to an extent where it ranked to become the highest performing industry. The US alone witnessed a 12% increase in the number of players and a revenue generation of around a 77.2billion dollars.  

Game Development Company in India and across the world fabricates software frameworks called game engines primarily used to develop games. Among several engines like Unreal, Construct, Game maker, and many others, the Unity game engine stands tall. Unity makes developing a game easy, enables functionality, and takes care of rendering for 2D and 3D graphics, sounds, scripting, physics and collision detection, and more. 

Unity 3D game development company creates advanced and real-world graphics without draining too much processing power. Unity game engine is user-friendly, popular, and most commercial games are mostly developed using the Unity engine itself. The unity market shares praiseworthy records. In 2020, Unity shared 50% of the game engine market with around a 1.5million monthly active creators. It ranks top in the industry and shares an added value being one of the prominent cross-platform engines assisting game development. 

More than half the mobile games you find in the mobile game market are developed using the Unity game engine. Pokemon go, Temple run, Angry Birds Epic, and others are some prime examples. Unity, therefore, offers cool features and creates elite experiences. It aids the smooth functioning of applications and promotes loads of plug-ins. 

Let us now understand in brief the advantages of developing games using a 3D engine:  

1) Strong developer community: 

Unity not only competes but also aims to create a better community experience among developers. It is a very attractive platform for beginners to learn new things and provides a space for professional developers to create challenges and suggestions to help improve the system. For newbies to get familiar with the application it offers free trials as well. 

2) Multi-platform solutions framework: 

One of the main reasons why Unity 3D is preferred by game developers is its ability to create games that can run across various is a one-stop destination for all kinds of gaming needs. This is what makes it so exciting and refreshing for game developers. Unity provides ready-made modules convenient for developers and also allows easy customization of notifications & updates about player levels, etc for advancing the game. Unity physics allows the developers to create realistic simulations based on various collision layers, meshes, thick ray casts, etc.

3) Flexibility and easy to access: 

unity engine develops fast light-weight games, across segments. Unity lets you create a game from scratch and also acts as a brilliant tool for prototyping. Its feature for creating immersive games across 27 platforms stands out in favoring the easy handling of the game and execution of elements. 

4) Advanced graphics: 

unity creates amazing visual effects. This engine creates high-quality content and possibly scales down to any size of a platform providing the same quality visuals. Though it creates real-world experiential games it is certainly less complicated and simple. Thus, it indeed aims to create a surreal experience.

5) Built-in analytics: 

Unity 3D Analytics is a built-in feature that lets game developers discover and make use of the game’s data. It can provide them with valuable insights into the platform’s performance. Unity’s built-in analytics is a great addition to any game. With it, you’ll be able to collect valuable data on various aspects of your game, allowing you to improve the way you operate.

6) Great documentation: 

Its community of developers and documentation is here to help you understand game development and provide solutions without any problems. It saves you time and helps you get started right away.

7) Asset store: 

The Unity Asset Store is a place where game developers can store their assets and develop plug-ins. It features a variety of tools that allow you to get started with creating assets and solutions for games.

8) Reliable: 

Unity is a must for anyone who wants to work seamlessly with their teams. Its advanced features make it easier to collaborate and work at full tilt.

In conclusion, Unity is a game engine that was initially built as an OS X-exclusive application. It is compatible with almost all the major platforms as of 2018. It is capable of creating both 2D and 3G games including simulated versions. Unity engine also offers support towards reflection mapping, bump mapping, screen-space ambient occlusion, parallax mapping, etc. it also facilitates texture compression, setting of resolution, and imports advanced 2D world sprites. Unity game development offers distinct benefits across a wide range of platforms like iOs, Windows, Mac, web, and other game consoles. Unity requires no code for game development and instead uses C# programming language which makes it easier for beginners and professional developers to efficiently create multiple games. Unity, therefore, seems to show no signs of setback and is on a road to attracting more developers from different corners of the world. It is going to be no surprise if the unity game engine ranks as the largest game engine in the world.


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