AR/VR in the Gaming Industry

 AR/VR in the Gaming Industry

AR stands for Augmented reality and VR stands for virtual reality. Both these platforms have taken the gaming industry to the top level in recent times. They have proved to provide extreme powers which ensure that gamers can feel the game, and are pushing the limits of the gaming world to the top level. Unity game development company has emerged a lot since the start. Earlier it was all about playing games on pc or mobile phones and now technology has changed it to an extreme level and has attracted a lot of people especially gamers to believe in something. 

These innovations in the AR/VR industry made changes for the video game business industry to a vast level as they are the most successful implementers of cutting the edge. AR and VR gaming systems have proved to maximize their profit level and have drastically improved the way customers experience games. According to these statistical reports, more than half of the available developers use various AR/VR tech solutions while they think of releasing or developing new games.

How does AR/VR prove to be the future of technology

AR/VR has a great potential to be the future of modern technology. In the coming times, mobile phones will be changed by AR/VR glasses and this will be a new innovation. Also, they will be replaced by some hi-tech available lenses that can combine AR and VR together. This will give users an experience of gaming beyond this world. Technology is evolving every day, ideas are turning into reality each day. When AR/VR technology will be adopted by a large percentage of educated people, then the old technology will be long gone in the past and will be replaced by new technology. Every digital platform will then be shifted towards virtual and augmented reality. In the coming 10 years, the gaming industry will shift to an extreme level. The real motto of making the user experience more realistic in the real world is the hardest competition among all the gaming companies, and to make this motto turn into a reality, technology will be evolved in every possible way.

AR/VR is the best combination from the past and has a great future. It is not something that has been used in the gaming industry. People have been working on this idea for a long time. And even though VR headsets have already been launched for gamers in the market, the price of these high-tech gadgets is a bit expensive and still is a big factor responsible for the slow rise as it is expensive and many people other than the rich cannot afford it. In the coming years, Game development companies in India will contribute to GDP and even contribute to employment opportunities in the coming times. People are also making a career out of this gaming and it has been a good option for all. Yes, it is possible to take up certified courses in the AR/VR gaming industry, and you can actually be among the game creators and earn a lot of money out of it. It has a great future. There are several colleges in India that have started providing a degree in AR/VR  through which you can bring heights to the gaming industry. The future of AR/VR in India is really bright and beautiful. One can clearly see that.  If you want to be a part of it then better start working on your skills and enhance the existing skills to compete with people. AR/VR is part and parcel of real life. They are used so commonly and we don’t even realize that. 

Some games that have been developed from AR/VR:

1) VR tank :

This game has used VR technology to develop gaming. It uses a technique that includes graphics of the popular Battlefield games which help to simulate the experience of commanding cannon on its wheels. The main target of the game is to destroy as many targets as you can.  

2) VR Swing :

This is a game that is developed on virtual technology. In this game, a virtual ride is given at hundreds of feet and it also provides swings all the way round which makes the game very appealing and interesting. 

3) Cosmic Coaster :

This game provides a roller coaster ride through AR/VR technology which is a hell of a game in itself. It gives a roller-coaster tour of the Solar System from the comfort of your virtual carriage

4) Galaxy :

This game provides a space-flight. It is a demo of a game in which a space-flight simulator is a demo of a game still being developed, and elements are well worth a blast they are also being developed, but its shooter elements are for a blast.

5) 11:57 :

This was the first horror game that thrilled the people and was developed through AR/VR technology which gave the people an immense amount of thrill which was correctly needed. It provided a 360° proper nightmare. 

Conclusion :

It is now very common to see AR VR centers set up in malls and the scope of the same is too amazing as it is growing every day. People are thinking about making a career out of the same field. A lot of mobile games on social media platforms are using AR/VR technology. These are a part of everyday life. 

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