ARKit vs. ARCore

 ARKit vs. ARCore

There has been a lot of buzz around the Augmented Reality (AR) environments and this field is developing at a very fast pace. This interactive experience allows both the physical world as well as the digital world to create a boundless new universe. This occurs with the help of the new and updated technology that enhances the real world with some digital components. With the help of these digital-based components, the real world can be enhanced in a lot of different ways by a lot of different developers. These enhancements can be made across a variety of senses such as olfactory, haptic, visual adjustments, etc.

ARKit – by Apple

ARKit is an augmented reality development kit that is particularly used for the enhancement of iOS applications and it has been available for developers to work with since 2017.ARKit is one of the best development platforms for AR and offers the largest variety of features, tools, and components. Although, there is a slight disadvantage with ARKit that is the advanced features and tools are restricted to those iOS devices that have a particular bionic chip present.  

ARCore – by Google

ARCore is also an augmented reality development kit that is used mainly for Android applications. Even though ARCore was released a year after ARKit, it has been a tough competitor in the field of AR development. Google had gained a lot of experience in that gap year and this gave it the extra edge over other development platforms. 

As both these development kits are present for different types of applications,  there are certain similarities and differences. Monkhub is an AR App Development Company that is here to help you learn more about the differences between ARKit and ARCore and which would be the better choice for your next project. 

Both of these platforms are based-off on Unity and have the capability to sense a variety of stimuli and changes and also allows the use of external devices for better development of these AR applications. 

Certain differences between the AR development platforms- ARKit and ARCore are that ARCore has a lot more features present whereas ARKit detects physical surfaces in a better way than ARCore. There are certain updates that have been developed in each of these platforms that have given them the upper edge over each other from time to time. 

Both ARKit and ARCore offer features that revolve around virtual content such as motion tracking, estimations, digital understanding, and object understanding. The integration of the real world with its virtual components is assisted with the features mentioned above as it helps track positions, understand points, angles, planes, and also detection of stimuli such as sounds and lights.

Although in certain fields such as mapping, ARCore has the upper hand over ARKit and this is thanks to its high speed and larger storage and dataset. On the other hand, ARKit has a significant advantage over ARCore when we are talking about augmentation and facial/ object recognition. There cannot really be any fair comparisons between the two when it comes to speed and accuracy because there are the restrictions of each individual device as well and not just the development platforms.


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