Tips To Choose Your Blockchain Development Company

Throughout 2020, blockchain usage rates in a variety of industries continued to rise. According to Deloitte’s “Global Blockchain Survey Report – 2020,” a growing proportion of business leaders see blockchain as a top-five strategic initiative. A few years ago, blockchain was thought to be a risky disruptive technology. However, it is now regarded as a […]Read More


Things to know about Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Introduction to crypto payment gateway A crypto payment gateway basically is a dynamic payment processing platform that allows merchants and vendors to accept payments in the form of multiple cryptocurrencies without risking security and a great form of reliability. For different users, it facilitates direct payment from their cryptocurrency wallets to other wallets. A cryptocurrency […]Read More

Blockchain NFT

Which blockchain to choose for NFT marketplace development

Factors to consider while choosing the best blockchain for NFT marketplace development As a factor, the NFT marketplaces are a place where digital assets can be bought and sold and these NFT marketplaces have become a great asset as they help in generating revenue and investors can gain outstanding returns of income. NFT marketplace development […]Read More

Game Development

Evolution of the i-gaming industry

Introduction to I-gaming : I-gaming in simple language is an online gaming platform. It is like playing or betting on the outcome of a game and an event via the platform of the internet. The iGaming factor involves too many things and is not limited to sports betting which is like NFL wagering or even […]Read More

Game Development NFT

Role of NFT in the gaming industry

An NFT game has potentially changed the traditional gaming features with extreme gameplay mechanisms. It ought to provide the influential players more influence over in-game assets and is known to provide a lot of assets such as skins, characters, weapons, virtual territories on a virtual platform. Games have been launched on the blockchain platform with […]Read More

AR, VR & MR Game Development

Why AR games are popular on mobile?

Introduction to AR Gaming : Augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the gaming integration that presents a visual game along with audio content with the user’s perspective in real-time. Virtual reality also provides an option of gaming, but it often requires a separate room and a different confined area which creates a great and amazing […]Read More


Benefits of Blockchains in Loyalty System

Blockchain is basically a spreadsheet on an online virtual platform  that is duplicated thousands of times across a wide network of computers. This network is designed in a way in which the spreadsheet is regularly updated, and you have a basic understanding of the blockchain. The blockchain database is stored in different locations. This means […]Read More


Blockchain technology in digital identity management

Introduction to Digital identity management : Digital identity management can even be useful for birth, wedding, and death certificates, which are important for the rights of citizens which include voting, working, and even citizenship. Instead of asking people to carry all their identification cards with them which in turn increases the risk of losing it. […]Read More

AR, VR & MR Game Development

AR/VR in the Gaming Industry

AR stands for Augmented reality and VR stands for virtual reality. Both these platforms have taken the gaming industry to the top level in recent times. They have proved to provide extreme powers which ensure that gamers can feel the game, and are pushing the limits of the gaming world to the top level. Unity […]Read More