Create your own NFT Marketplace Platform like Terra Virtua

 Create your own NFT Marketplace Platform like Terra Virtua

A short walkthrough of NFT Marketplace

A nonfungible token restricts interchangeability and stores data on a blockchain, digital ledger, to be used for trading purposes in the future. NFT marketplace is soaring at new heights every day and the unending demand for NFTs is giving birth to one new era of digital boom which was never seen before. Initially, the NFTs were designed to be a digital collectible but with the passing of time, evolution happened, which makes it adaptable to any environment. 

The blockchain-based tool enables digital content to get monetized and because of this NFT marketplace has brought gamers, singers, painters, musicians, and, people from all walks of life under one umbrella. The scarcity and uniqueness associated with NFTs make it so demanding. The scarcity of one unique item generates a rat race among users to get a hold on the rarest of the lot. Recently Beeple, the popular visual artist, sold his tokenized digital artwork for a whopping $69 million. 

The hype around NFTs has garnered a lot of attention and the NFT marketplace has seen quite an upsurge in the number of active wallets since the Crypto Kittens stage. One can even trade digital assets by exchanging them through the NFT exchange platform. There are even NFT exchange platform development companies to help you mint new NFTs which can be used for gaining cryptocurrencies or foreign money after exchange. Multi-industry companies too are looking out for ways to blend into the crypto market. 

What is Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua is an NFT marketplace and is currently one of the best in this industry. This marketplace is constructed on a blockchain that offers a completely different and smooth gaming and social experience. This marketplace works in combination with blockchain and AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to generate unique digital assets. 

Virtual Reality helps in customization and displays personal collectibles through live streaming. Terra Virtua allows its users to showcase, enjoy and do trading of the digital assets with no limitations or thresholds. This platform supports almost all kinds of nonfungible tokens. The digital characters here are known as vFlects and are eligible for competing as well as trading.

 Giant players like Microsoft, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts, and Paramount Pictures today have collaborated with Terra Virtua to offer a next-generation playground for users interested not only in trading digital objects but overall a brilliant online experience. With the recent advancements, Terra Virtua is certainly one premier option in the NFT marketplace category. 

Terra Virtua Fancave allows viewing and engaging with the collectible and hosting of future social engagements; whereas the Terra Virtua Gallery is for exhibiting art collectibles and creators can either sell/buy or even swap their piece of digital art. 

This NFT marketplace is well dedicated to the film industry and gathers collectibles of different characters from classic movies. Upon possessing one certain amount of Terra Virtua token, one can unlock a huge number of benefits and gain access to the prestige club of this marketplace.

Paving the Way Towards Creating Terra Virtua like Marketplace

The addition of the following features to any marketplace can certainly help in enhancing its qualities.

Listing: One of the best ways of collecting a good amount of revenue from the NFT marketplace is through the listing. The platform can even charge for listing any digital item on the NFT marketplace. However, the fee for listing may vary depending on the efficiency and popularity of the hosting platform.

Minting: Similar to listing, there are minting charges as well. The charge of minting is again dependent on the efficiency and demand of the non-fungible tokens.

Explore: Any good marketplace must include search options so that filters can be applied while searching and selecting NFTs to purchase. It also makes the marketplace user-friendly.

Display of Advertisement: For additional income from the marketplace, displaying advertisements can be a good option. For every action or click on the ad, the revenue can be generated.

Transaction Fees: Owners of the NFT marketplace can add this point to their list if a platform like Terra Virtua is their goal. Usually, a lot of transactions take place in a day on the NFT marketplace and the owner can charge commission fees for each transaction.

Immutable: The NFT marketplace needs to be built on a decentralized network to secure the immutability and transparency of the transactions.

Decentralization: To have complete ownership of the digital assets, eradication of any third party or middleman should be done. Decentralization should be the ultimate goal of a good NFT marketplace.

Smart Contracts: It is digital and automated which saves time by avoiding any paperwork or manual intervention. The encrypted record of transactions can be accessed by the users promising a sense of security.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Assets developed on several blockchains can be supported with cross-chain compatibility.

User Interface: The simpler, the better. A simple user interface is sure to attract more people, after all, who loves complexities?

But if you are someone who is new to this space, you can definitely seek out expert help. There are many NFT Marketplace development companies who have long experience in blockchain development and can ease your way towards creating a Terra Virtua-like NFT marketplace.

Terra Virtua is one exciting platform for all the movie buffs in particular. This is where the difference comes if we have the other popular NFT platform in mind i.e. Opensea. 

Terra Virtua presently is enjoying a lot of backing from big industry players and the expansion process is unstoppable. The AR and VR usage to make the Metaverse look real has added more value to this platform than just trading alone. It is too early to predict the future of Terra Virtua given the fact that the cryptocurrency industry depends on experiments. 

The success in dealing with NFTs relies upon good research. NFT marketplace is a vast ground that attracts multiple outlooks. It is solely on the user whether to use it simply for buying and selling or collecting unique and rarest pieces.

Easily Create Your Own Terra Virtua NFT marketplace

The Monkhub team of  NFT developers and DeFi developers is ready to help you implement your NFT marketplace idea. Our extensive experience with blockchain, FinTech, DeFi, and crypto projects makes it simple to construct the NFT marketplace in line with your company plan and integrate it into your current Systems. Visit us to get a free quote.


Raghu Raaj Shekhar