How good is Unity for game development?

 How good is Unity for game development?

The upsurge circling around the gaming market is nothing new and unstoppable. For a new developer, it is quite a task to choose the right engine to be sustainable. In such circumstances one can always choose Unity and why? Unity is a well-known third-party development tool whose influence is spread over 195 countries supporting over 25 platforms and because of which Unity game development companies are at rise. The advent of Unity happened back in 2005 by David Helgason. It is a real-time development platform that supports 2D, 3D, VR, and AR content and contains inbuilt components like Mesh filter, Meshrender, Light, Camera, etc. If a person’s revenue is less than $100,000 in a year or the game becomes unable to male $100K revenue, then Unity allows commercial games to be created through its personal license. The free-of-cost factor makes Unity most approachable by aspiring developers.  Also not to forget the easy portability that makes it available on Switch, iOS, PS4, Linux, Android TV, etc. Some popular creations of Unity are Ori and the Blind Forest, Temple run, Cuphead, Assassins creed, The war of mine, Tarkov, Pokemon Go, etc.

         The functioning of Unity happens through multiple steps such as Scene View, Game View, Inspector, Hierarchy, and Assets.

Why choose Unity?

Unity is at present the most versatile game engine and user-friendly both for beginners and skilled developers. The success of Unity depends on several major factors such as:

  • Supports multi-platform, Unity uses one single codebase to connect over 25 platforms which makes the task really hassle free.
  • If we look at the current statistics, we find Unity possessing over 60% of the entire augmented reality (AR) as well as virtual reality (VR).
  • Features like excellent collaboration tools, visual editor, good scripting, Art Engine, APIs etc make Unity user friendly.
  • Not only game developers but companies belonging to several other sectors such as banking, manufacturing, entertainment etc too can be benefited through Unity’s game design elements.  For example, Disney’s “Lion King” (2019) and “Baymax Dreams” took help from Unity to create its background.
  • Unity provides ample scope to create world-class 2D and 3D graphics using high definition render pipelines.
  • Supports fast and customized methodology with simple coding.
  • The well stocked assets of Unity make it easily downloadable and integrated.
  • Users can use Unity asset store to develop and sell assets to various game makers.
  • The low price or free of cost makes it most budget friendly. It is basically one freemium model.
  • The programming language of Unity is C# which is quite flexible in comparison to C++.
  • Brought democracy to gaming platforms.

Is Unity free of Cons?

The purposes with which Unity got started, mainly were regarding web development and JavaScript which makes it unfit for bigger projects. Unity cannot be trusted for long-term projects as well because it promotes bad code practice. The features of Unity are easily adaptable but it lacks in being artist-friendly.  Unity mostly works around targeted users like Indies or coders. Unity works best in visual platforms but the performance is not satisfactory in non-visual ones. The graphic textures of Unity need lots of working to do. Moreover, the 3D pro license doesn’t make it mobile-friendly resulting in extra investment for a mobile pro license.  There is no source code available for Unity making it difficult to trace and fix issues.  Too many folders make it a bit unorganized.  The new ventures of Unity which include international expansion through new industries other than gaming make Unity’s stake risky. Unity needs to constantly develop to keep its hold over the market keeping in mind its biggest competitor ‘Unreal’.


Unity is a very competitive engine with several benefits that easily outweigh the disadvantages, particularly when it comes to mobile game creation.

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