The Top Gaming Genres of 2021

 The Top Gaming Genres of 2021

The Gaming Industry has blown up a lot over the last couple of years and to a certain level, the pandemic has also contributed to this, as people had to be kept at home and use all the time on their hands in other ways than just working all day. People developed newer and more varied interests such as creating art, music, photography, exercising, yoga, etc., and one of these is, you guessed it, Gaming! There has been growth in the field and as well as the minds of people as they explored the video game slowly, but surely. Monkhub is an Arcade Game Development Company that is here to share with you the top gaming genres of 2021 and how the growth and popularity are only seeing new heights with every passing day. The following list mentions a list of gaming genres that have grown in popularity and are currently highest in competition: 

  1.       Casual Games – Angry Birds, Smash Land, Minecraft, etc. 
  2.       Puzzle Games – 2048, Patience, Mahjong, Sudoku etc. 
  3.       Arcade Games – Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids, etc. 
  4.       Action Games – Shadowgun, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls, etc. 
  5.       Racing Games –  Asphalt 9: Legends, Hill Climb Racing, Forza Motorsport, etc. 

Casual Games  :

These games are targeted towards a massive audience of all ages, most of them are very simple to understand and learn and are very entertaining for people looking to play games to pass time. There aren’t any strict rules or restrictions and require much shorter periods of time. As the name suggests, these are played casually and this means that their interface and gameplay are very easy. Also, another property of casual games is that they do not require any extra costs or tools to play, and even though they are so simple to play and develop, they are still the most popular and give a high profit in the market.

Puzzle Games :

Puzzle games are and have been a people’s favourite for the longest time and now that there are online puzzle games as well, this gives the industry a big advantage as people can now play these puzzle games with other people without any physical interactions or even play solo. Games like 2048 and Mahjong, Solitaire etc. have been in the online gaming world for quite some time and have really boosted the puzzle genre of the gaming industry. So, the Puzzle Game Development Company like Monkhub has a very wide customer base that allows distinct and conclusive growth in the market.

Arcade Games :

Arcade games are also very simple to play but do not have any story for their gameplay and do not require any difficult actions or responses. Some of the favorites include Frogger, Donkey Kong, Asteroids etc. and have been around for the longest time. These games also do not require any difficult rules and regulations and since there is no story involved in the gameplay.

Action Games :

The action games have been very popular and very in a close run with Racing games for the longest time and require more attention and focus than the other genres mentioned in this list. They require a higher reaction time and better reflexes and most of them have better storylines as well. These action games give players a great adrenaline rush and have very interactive visuals giving people an amazing experience. 

Racing Games :

These racing games are made so perfectly and have been in the run for almost two decades now and these have blown up in mobile gaming, PC gaming and console gaming as well. Games such as Need For Speed, Road Rash, Asphalt Series have been in the industry for a while which is why they have been in the running in various spaces as well.


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