What is the Unity Game Engine, and Why is it Used in Game Development?

 What is the Unity Game Engine, and Why is it Used in Game Development?

Out of all the game engines, why choose Unity for Game Development?

It is one undeniable fact that game engines are the backbone of the game industry and the heart and soul of game development. The work of game engines can be compared to the mechanism of any architectural design which in the future helps in making modifications to the existing games or creating some new games. 

Game development in this era has surpassed the days of games being only a method of time past; the goal of game development at present is to provide a real-life experience to the player. The conventional form of gaming has gone through some drastic changes and is more than the mere video games that owned the market so far. The market of game development is expected to cross 200 billion USD in the coming years.

The craze around game development is limited not only in developed countries but in developing countries like India as well. However, game development companies in India can go a long mile a lot with the right choice of game engines in order to apply minimum coding effort. With all the said features in mind, the one name that immediately comes to mind is Unity. Among the many other features, the simplicity of Unity easily attracts a seasoned as well as one newbie game developer; the other important attributes of Unity are graphics rendering and 3D modeling; Unity supports over 25 platforms at present.

The path of Unity was however not smooth, back in 2017, Unity found it quite struggling to run a smooth operation on Mac because of the default IDE and MonoDevelop but Microsoft became the savior by bringing in an operational IDE and visual studio for Mac. The latest design proved to be fast and smooth with a clear set of coding. The popularity of this third-party tool surpasses 200 countries and speeds up the growth of many Unity Game Development Companies.

Components of Unity

Three parts are crucial in the operation that takes place in Unity, which are:

  • The Game Engine: This is one vital part of the entire system and is responsible for creating, testing, and finally playing the game in all kinds of environments.
  • The Application:  The application combines the user interface with the preview option for better graphics and to control functions within the game. The developers get benefited from the visual interface in the creation of video, audio, characters, and attractive scenes with background storytelling.
  • The Code Editor: Different functions need different codes and the code editor handles it with C## coding.

Advantages of Unity

  • Easy Portability:  Because of this feature, Unity is easily available on Switch, iOS, PS4, Linux, Android TV, etc.
  •  AR and VR support: Apart from containing inbuilt components like Mesh filter for allowing developers to allot materials to 3D mesh to any object related to the game, Mesh render for assigning mesh to a 3D mesh, and Mesh collider, another important tool to help in detecting game objects during a collision, Unity is compatible with AR, VR, 2D, and 3D content. Currently, Unity owns over 60% of the overall AR and VR.
  • Handy Tools:  Excellent Visual editor, a good script, Art engines, and APIs make the entire experience user-friendly. Some of the popular creations by Unity engine are games like Blind Forest, Temple run, Assassins creed, the war of mine, Pokemon Go, etc.
  • Beneficial to other sectors: Unity profits not only the game development industries but also to sectors like Banking, Manufacturing, and Entertainment. The best example is Disney’s ‘Lion King’ in 2019 where Unity helped in the background creation. The high-definition render pipelines of Unity deliver top-class 2D and 3d graphics.
  • Asset Store: Unity has a well-stocked asset store to serve the need of all kinds of game makers. Moreover, it is well integrated and easy to download.
  • Flexible programming language: Unity uses the language C## which is quite flexible for a seasoned as well as newbie game maker.
  • Budget-friendly: The low cost or no cost makes it budget-friendly. If a person’s revenue is less than $100,000 in a year or if the game becomes unable to make $100K revenue, then Unity allows commercial games to be created through its personal license.
  • Stable Codes: The code used by Unity consists of less error and contains great stability.
  • Decent Audio Visual Effect: The audiovisual effects with Unity are quite satisfactory and do not compromise the pixel quality when used on mobile phones.
  •  Training and Documentation: Documentation is very much required to develop XR accurately and Unity has extensive documentation available. There are training courses available to build XR applications and the number of courses stands higher with Unity. Unity stands in the favorite list of new developers due to the developed infrastructure and low entry point.
  • Developer’s Community: Game engines update themselves constantly to meet developers’ expectations and the same with the case with Unity as well. The community surrounding the engine is of great value in emergency cases caused due to bugs, glitches, or any other unknown problems. The role of community is of great importance in the growing XR industry as well. Over the years Unity has seen a bigger community of indie developers develop within. If we do a small comparison with Unreal, the peer engine of Unity, then we find that Unreal has over 12k topics trending about C++ programming and like 4.5 k threads related to VR and AR development, whereas, in the case of Unity, this number rises to 6.5 k in terms of VR development and over 128,000 threads on scripting. More the number; better the chances of finding any solution to a problem. The community of Unreal is divided into two- nonprogrammers and developers knowing to use C++. The existence of nonprogrammers is better in Unreal because of which the experts knowing C++ often can’t help the nonprogrammers because their communications don’t match. In the case of Unity, there is no such communication gap because the developer here knows the primary development language C# and beginners can easily seek help from the experts in that regard.

 Good research is a must for choosing an engine for game development. Unity is the best option for beginners and indie players. One complex business solution requiring lots of prototyping, optimization will too have to go for Unity 3D. Unity initially struggled with the graphics section but it has surely covered a long path and has shown signs of development and proves to be trustworthy in the long run.

Final Words:

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Anish Singh