Where technology meets reality: AR, VR & MR

 Where technology meets reality: AR, VR & MR

The tech world today has come a long way in progressing and introducing various game-changing technologies to the world. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality are some of the newer fields that are taking the world by a storm. Literally. They are getting more attention by each passing day. The Reality Trio are basically used to incorporate the physical world and its components into the virtual world. Overtime, this has led to a better understanding and given a major upgrade to the basic connection with computers. The obvious advantage here is that the combination of the physical world and the virtual components, paves the way to experiencing both at a given time.

Augmented Reality (AR) :

When people think of AR, the basic interpretation is that it enhances the physical world with computer generated components such as sound, graphics, messages etc. In other words, it is a combination of the virtual components into the real world. The real life surfaces and spaces are the workspace for the computer to play its magic. There are hundreds of possibilities for the computer to “augment” the reality such as plane detection, image reconstruction/recognition, displacement detection, object recognition, facial recognition etc. along with the computer driven input depending on the developer. Hence, AR is responsible for enhancing the real world with the digital components and building on the interaction between the two. 

Virtual Reality (VR) :

The Virtual Reality aspect is slightly different from AR, as this technology is associated completely with creating a virtual world and can be experienced with the use of headgears and specialised softwares. This especially is being used majorly in the gaming world as it does the perfect job at replacing the current perspective with that of a digitally created scene. The digital component provides endless possibilities for development, as there are no restrictions on creativity and innovation in the digital world. Virtual Reality Headsets have and are being used to completely shut out the surroundings. This helps give the best possible experience for enjoying the digital world created. Most of the headgears contain lenses that have LCD panels inside the headgear which envisions a virtual environment that is digitally constructed. This environment is what the user can see as the physical world is replaced visually. As the headgears require an external input for providing the virtual environment, they are connected to devices such as an external console, computer or even a mobile device. Therefore, the VR world can replicate a real world acne or an animated fictional environment easily. 

Mixed Reality (MR) :

This is basically a combination of the two realities mentioned above. The AR and VR world together is what is called a Mixed or Hybrid Reality, as it created a world with components of the digital and physical world. The benefit that MR offers though is that the interaction between the user and the digital factors is much more realistic. This can be experienced with the use of devices such as the HoloLens created by Microsoft. The use of these devices is what allows the different processes such as displacement modifications/identifications, gesture recognition, voice recognition technologies, symbol registration etc. to occur and this way the users can more or less, be able to interact with the environment. They can interact with both the physical and virtual environment at the same time. There are various interactions possible this way, which makes the MR  experience all the way more realistic and convincing. Compared to AR and VR, MR is the least used but has a large potential for growth in the following years.


The AR, VR and MR have quite some similarities and differences, but at the end of the day, altogether they are very promising fields of development that are expected to take the tech industry to new heights. As one of the top  VR App Development Companies in India, Monkhub is there for helping you create the perfect VR that you have envisioned. Whether they are used individually or in a combination, the use of the AR, VR and MR worlds is highly beneficial overall.


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