Why AR games are popular on mobile?

 Why AR games are popular on mobile?

Introduction to AR Gaming :

Augmented reality gaming (AR gaming) is the gaming integration that presents a visual game along with audio content with the user’s perspective in real-time. Virtual reality also provides an option of gaming, but it often requires a separate room and a different confined area which creates a great and amazing environment. AR stands for augmented reality and it uses the pre-available environment which creates a playing field on the platform itself Virtual reality games have a disadvantage. Game development companies in India have grown a lot. They require specialized VR headsets in every game but only some augmented reality systems take them into use. AR games can typically be played on devices like smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems and even on mobile gaming platforms. This mobile phone gaming provides amazing features and it has provided a recent hike in popularity. 

Importance of AR :

A game that has been developed by augmented reality often provides a great environment in front of a user’s actual environment. The game on the virtual platform can be a simple one. It can be represented as a game of virtual checkers which is played on a table surface. With time, many advanced AR games are actually building an environment from observing the mere surroundings. These games can involve characters who can climb from tables to sofas or even on the platform of virtual bridges. Creating a game is a time-consuming task that involves game making and there comes a constant demand for new scenery because once a user has explored ways of exploring the environment fully, they have the ability to move on to a different one.

Some games developed by AR :

Harry Potter Game : 

Harry Potter is an amazing game that has the ability to be the latest AR game. This game is very similar to Pokemon Go and has similar titles. In this game, players are supposed to walk around the real world while collecting various things and even fight a battle. Players in this game collectively deal with an environment that has affected the wizards everywhere. The players and everyone else must help solve it. A lot of popular characters are available in the series and even from the series along with a huge variety of new characters as updated. It’s a decent game that is specially designed for Harry Potter fans.

Ingress : 

Ingress is one of the really good AR virtual games on the Android platform. It was initially developed by Niantic. It had huge popularity since the day it first came out. The way it works is that you go out into the real world. The game provides where the portals are located. As the Unity Game development company suggests, players have to hack the portals for the team and then build them up so that the other team cannot do the same. There basically are two teams to pick from and here is where the challenge lies. The game underwent many changes in 2018 and was re-branded to Ingress Prime. The core mechanics are still intact, but the app portion has seen a huge overhaul.

Pools :

The Kings of Pools is a billiards game with a unique premise that is developed by the augmented reality platform. The app consists of a pool table on top of any flat surface in your house. You can also play pool there. It is an online multiplayer game with 8-ball which is provided in the game. Additionally, a global chat with the players is also provided, a player profile with all of your number stats, and other details too. There are some bugs in this game and the developers are constantly working on this one at the time of this writing. It worked relatively well when it came to recent testing.

Knightfall :

Knightfall is also one of the best-augmented reality games present in the virtual world. Knightfall AR is an AR game that is represented by A&E. As the previous game suggests, this knightfall game is one short game that provides more proof of concept than any other thing. This game is basically a board game that you play through your mobile device. It consists of a flat surface and the game imposes itself on the platform there. The controls need a lot of work, and it has really proven to be a neat way to leverage ARCore for gaming purposes. It also consists of some flaws. However, it’s a completely free game that requires no additional app purchase.  

Zombies Run :

Zombies Run is a fitness game on the virtual platform. It has proven in itself to be an immersive audio adventure game all around the way. The way it works is that the player has to go for a walk or a run. As the player goes, they will unlock various pieces of the story. The drama also involves in itself a creative way that helps and motivates the player to keep going. The game also kind of works on treadmills in case the player doesn’t want to go outside. It’s a very popular game and it helps the player to stay in shape. One can play the first four missions for free and then is required to unlock new missions each week. Alternatively, one person can also pay for the subscription service and unlock every level without skipping the other within the game. 

Conclusion :

AR gaming provides a huge playing field that involves taking advantage of the diversity present in the world. And this is what makes the AR games very interesting. 

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