How to Develop an NFT Marketplace on NEAR?

 How to Develop an NFT Marketplace on NEAR?

As the global climate change situation worsens, demand for NFT marketplace development company rises. In this regard, various blockchain networks play a critical part in today’s environment’s sustainable carbon emissions. Minting and trading NFTs on a blockchain network uses a lot of energy and produces about 100 kg CO2 emissions. This is the same as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during a one-hour trip.

In this blog we will cover NEAR Protocol’s computational mechanism which is built on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus to successfully handle the concern of carbon footprints created through NFT or block minting. In the PoS consensus method, there are no miners; instead, validators have the authority to stake a certain quantity of tokens in exchange for their involvement in the voting mechanism.

Introduction to NEAR:

Based on sharding and Nightstand techniques, NEAR is a decentralized and carbon-neutral blockchain platform. It’s a smart contract-capable blockchain protocol designed to let developers build highly scalable decentralized apps. The NEAR blockchain is capable of processing around 100,000 transactions per second. For deploying and running dApps on the network, it has a community-run cloud infrastructure.

NEAR combines distributed database characteristics with a database processing platform that does not require a server. The NEAR token enables NEAR dApps to communicate with one another in a variety of ways. The NEAR blockchain enables developers to create censorship-free smart contract backends for managing high-stake data such as digital assets, IDs, and money.

What are the Advantages of NEAR?

In DeFi, the NEAR blockchain provides a progressive User Experience (UX) for its dApp users. NEAR Protocol, which is based on the sharding method, aids network data retrieval and grows dApps on DeFi systems.

It also employs a PoS election process known as the Threshold Proof-of-Stake, in addition to sharding (TPoS). This approach creates the door for a large number of individuals to govern the blockchain network in a predetermined fashion. The TPoS protocol aids in the decentralization and security of the blockchain network. The NEAR Protocol uses TPoS to establish a reward system for dApp users.


The NEAR Protocol uses a highly efficient PoS network to maintain network stability and carbon neutrality. This allows users to run a variety of dApps as well as efficiently handle blockchain transactions.


The transaction fees for consumers and developers on the NEAR Protocol are 1000 times lower than those on other third-generation blockchains. It charges 30% of transaction costs to contribute to the network’s growth.


Based on a scoped DNS pattern, the easy-to-use NEAR Protocol may generate a human-readable account address. NEAR becomes a user-friendly blockchain with a human-readable address, allowing anyone with minimal technical skills to join.


NEAR maintains its credibility and security throughout the network thanks to a large network of active validators.

What is the Best Way to Create an NFT marketplace on NEAR?


  • On the Chrome V8 engine, Nodejs is a JavaScript runtime ecosystem.
  • NEAR wallet account is a safe and secure account that serves as a wallet manager for NEAR customers. A NEAR wallet account enables users to access a variety of decentralized applications on the NEAR platform. It also securely stores NEAR tokens and NFTs. This part will construct an NFT marketplace on NEAR using a testnet wallet.
  • The Rust Toolchain is a version of a collection of apps needed to compile a Rust application.
  • NEAR-CLI is a NodeJS CLI that interacts and connects with the NEAR network using the near-API-js library.

What NEAR Development Services do Monkhub Provide:

dApps with scalability

We construct smart, safe, and scalable dApps using the Near protocol by making use of the protocol’s indefinite scalability. We also look at the technical components of your project to make your dApp more useful.

Markets for non-traditional products

Our blockchain experts research and develop feature-rich NFT marketplaces on Near Protocol, ensuring that you have access to the most curated NFT exchange platform available. We tailor your marketplace to best suit your business use case using Near blockchain’s inherent characteristics.

Contracts that are smart

On the Near protocol, we offer smart contract development services to help you regulate your company’s activities. From smart contract architecture to design, audits, and optimization, we cover every aspect of contract development.

Integration of the DAO

We offer DAO creation and integration services, focusing on different elements of your project. DAO assists you in gaining user confidence by allowing them to propose protocol updates and make critical choices.

Upgrading and maintaining

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to our clients to guarantee that their dApps are optimized and running with little downtime.


Monkhub provides Blockchain Development services in USA too. NEAR blockchain is one of the few blockchains with a protocol that is both environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral, leaving minimal carbon footprints. Based on the Nightshade and sharding consensus techniques, it is a highly scalable network.

If you’re interested in building an NFT marketplace for your company using the NEAR protocol, reach out to our blockchain experts for more information.


Anish Singh